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At Moose Clothing Company our thought process aligns with one belief – to create clothing that’s loved by all, we must first embrace and celebrate our unique personalities. Established in 2018, Moose Clothing Company is a subsidiary of Brandix Lanka Limited, a leading manufacturer and exporter of apparel in Sri Lanka. Our journey is all about celebrating your free-spirited personality with versatile clothing that’s meant to work, dance and play.

Our parent company Brandix is equipped with over 50 years of experience in apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka, providing solutions to renowned brands across the world. We have, over time, developed an acute product development intuition and forecasting capability. Combining this with our expertise in product innovation, research and development, speed in delivering and an unwavering commitment to delivering a phenomenal product has helped ingrain Brandix as a leader in the apparel arena.

From creating the perfect fit to the style, we are keen on perfecting every aspect of our clothes and the effort we put in to create a quality garment will always speak for itself.

Fitting clothing is the key to confidence

At Moose, we believe that perfectly fitting clothing is the key to confidence.

That is why we created the ‘Perfect Fit’- so no matter what style you’re looking for, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Get ready to embrace the best version of yourself.

Being different
is a beautiful thing to be

At Moose Clothing Company, we believe that it’s the uniqueness within each of us that make this world more vibrant. Translating this belief to a brand, we began our journey with one goal in mind- to create clothing that speaks to your free-spirited personality.

Moose is a result of our 50-year-long expertise in the apparel industry. Our clothing is made to work, dance, play and be dynamic just like you. Apart from being comfortable and versatile, we crafted our clothing to give you the best fit, so it leaves you feeling your best any day, any time.

Our passion doesn’t end here. We will keep evolving with you to deliver quality clothing that resonates with your lifestyle.

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