From L – R : Mr. Dananjaya Satish Nishshanka, Mr. Yoshitha Prabath, Mr. Thilina De Silva

Realising the power of Esports in changing the lives of people with disabilities towards positivity, Sonasu Ltd. and NPO e-sports Barrier Break Cup Project Japan have been organising an Esports Barrier Break Cup League for people with disabilities since 2020.

A differently able person is capable of doing so much more than society expects them to be. Our society is mostly unaware of the different types of sports and games the differently abled community could take part in. It’s a necessity to create as much awareness as possible. Not only it is very supportive to the players themselves to come out from their comfort zone but also increases their level of confidence. Similarly, through Esports differently abled communities can have an opportunity to prove their capacity and confidence in society.

In bringing this vision to life, Moose Clothing Company played a huge role with similar interests in empowering youth through sports and many other social activities. With its thought process, which aligns with one belief to create clothing that’s loved by all, it encourages youth to embrace and celebrate their unique personalities. Established in 2018, Moose Clothing Company is a subsidiary of Brandix Lanka Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of apparel in Sri Lanka.